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Windows 95 on an iPhone

Posted July 14, 09 10:26 AM by Jovan Washington
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Leave it to someone to experiement with something many of us have all had in our minds.

Russian site GooDiPhone demonstrates Windows 95 running on an iPhone via an emulator. Of course, Windows 95 is pushing it for the poor iPhone, but imagine the possibilities. Take a look:


15 iPhone Hacks And Workarounds To Make Your Mobile Life Easier

Posted July 14, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

The iPhone is among one of the easiest to use gadgets there is but we’re always looking for a quick fix or just something to make it a little more easier.

iSmashphone has compiled a list of 15 tips and tricks to get more out of your iPhone (spoiler: only a few require jailbreaking your device) ranging from the simple addition of an extension to a contact all the way to using Skype over 3G. One particularly useful trick we’ve yet to see get any attention is multiple computer syncing:

Apple only allows you to sync your iPhone with one iTunes library at a time. When you attempt to sync your iPhone to another computer, you get the following message: “Sync_alert.” There is an easy way to “trick” iTunes. All you need to do is switch the “Library Persistent ID”. Read “How to sync your iPhone with multiple computers” for the full step-by-step process.


Via iSmashphone


Connect A Keyboard Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone

Posted March 26, 09 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: News jailbreak Hacks 

People have been trying to think of great ways to connect a keyboard to the iPhone for years. It is quite possible, however, you must jailbreak your iPhone first. Not this time.

A few creative engineers with Perceptive Development have successfully connected an infrared keyboard with an iPhone without jailbreaking the device.

Most people have been trying to connect a keyboard to the iPhone through the usual like the dock connector, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Unfortunately, all of these methods are off limits in Apple’s strict SDK. The audio port, however, is not.

From what I understand, the circuit ($20) accepts the infrared signal from the keyboard or other USB devices and sends the signal in through the audio port using frequency shift keying, or turning keystrokes into sounds.

It is all very interesting, however, if you are like me, then this convoluted setup is not appealing. Fortunately, Apple is opening up the iPhone OS a little more, so perhaps we won’t even need to do this in the near future.

Via: Ars Technica


Words Of Warning, Don’t Load OS 3.0 On An Unlocked iPhone

Posted March 18, 09 1:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Hacks jailbreak Software 

imageIt goes without saying that Apple doesn’t take kindly to unlocked and jailbroken iPhones. That means those of you running the YellowSn0w unlock will have to hang tight until the Dev Team can craft a custom Firmware bundle of OS 3.0 that won’t brick your iPhone.

Hey, don’t just take our word for it, the Dev Team says on their Blog:

If you find yourself with access to the 3G IPSW for 3.0 via the iPhone Dev Center program, and you are using yellowsn0w, do not update or restore to that official IPSW. You will lose yellowsn0w and find yourself unable to revert the baseband to get it back.
And for those wondering, yes the 3.0 OS is jailbreakable on all devices. It’s just those using 3G yellowsn0w that have to show some restraint and wait for PwnageTool to create a custom IPSW that avoids the baseband update.

While OS 3.0 can still be jailbroken, those trigger fingers will likely corrupt your iPhone’s baseband making it near impossible to revert. Fortunately, a custom version which avoids loading the new Baseband or loading an unlock friendly Baseband… more...

Jailbreaking gets the backing of Mozilla and Skype

Posted February 19, 09 11:29 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: jailbreak Legal 

imageThe EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has proposed and exemption to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to allow jailbreaking of the iPhone. A move Apple opposes. The EFF is now being backed by two semi heavy hitters in the software world: Mozilla and Skype.

Mozilla and Skype obviously have reasons to want the iPhone to be open. In the case of Mozilla the company would like to see Firefox on the iPhone and Skype wouldn’t mind giving iPhone users a low cost way of making calls. That the motives aren’t purely altruistic noted bith companies have rousted the legal dogs and put together comments for the copyright office. (Mozilla’s pro jailbreak PDF, Skype’s pro jailbreak PDF)

via Macworld


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