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3 iPhone Cases for the Rich or Spendthrift

Posted August 19, 09 9:30 AM by Meiera Stern
Categories: Accessories Retail Cases 


Considering the ephemeral nature of technological gadgets it seems incredible to me that anyone would spend 10, 50 or even up to 100 times more than the price of an iPhone to sheath theirs, but there must be demand for such things even in this mean economy, because the following 3 products are still on the market.

1. For the price of a house in many parts, the status crazy can blow $108,880 on the Golden Delicious from Germany’s GnG. This case consists of a 1mm subshell inlaid with sturdy carbon fiber. The outer frame is coated in 140 grams of 18k gold and features a regal logo sporting, count them, 400 diamonds. Of course, like most status symbols this one is customizable. By all means, have the logo read whatever you like and choose the number of diamonds in it.

2. For those in the market for gaudy status, who may not quite have the budget for the Golden Delicious, fear not. You too can have gold and diamonds studding your iPhone. For the bargain price of $20,000 Case-Mate will… more...

Review of Speck’s New CandyShell iPhone Case

Posted August 17, 09 9:22 AM by Meiera Stern
Categories: Accessories Reviews Cases 

When I opened the package for my new CandyShell iPhone case its crisp and smooth, white and orange cardstock carton felt like a thing of beauty—the wrapper of a classy packet of chocolates.

Inside, the product looked pretty sweet too. With its slick product colors and glossy appearance, the name of the case seems right on. I couldn’t wait to enfold my iPhone in its new JamJar Purple case. Pushing the phone into the case was easy and fun. I enjoyed the click as the case coated my iPhone turning it into a rectangular M&M.

The inside of the case is soft rubberized plastic that feels like a razor thin coating of circus peanuts without the sticky sweet residue. The exterior of the case is as strong as candy too, which is to say, I can scratch it with my fingernails. It’s been on my phone for just one weekend, and there is already a noticeable scratch just above the Speck logo on the back. Granted, I live a rough and tumble lifestyle and so does my iPhone, but the company’s claim on their website:

Never… more...

Parts For The Next Generation iPhone Leaked By Chinese Wholesaler

Posted May 28, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Business Design Hardware Cases 

imageRecently, Chinese Ontrade a Chinese hardware wholesaler, leaked parts of the next generation iPhone for purchase. The parts in question hint at what kind of changes we could see in the next generation model’s underlying hardware.

First, a new bezel would bring the speakerphone to the very top cutting in to the tapered edge between the headphone jack and the lock button. Ontrade also claims to have the next generation iPhone’s screen for sale which sadly, is not an OLED display that is now starting to pop up in smartphones and notably, the Zune HD.



Public Service Announcement: Do not throw iPhone 51st story Window

Posted November 24, 08 7:26 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Accessories Cases Humor 

If you have an iPhone chances are you have case. The reason for the case? There are a lot of reasons to have a case but one of the best ones is to protect the iPhone in case you drop it. The iPhone is expensive and buying a replacement iPhone is really expensive so a case makes sense for the fumbled fingered among us. Once you’ve got the iPhone in a case it is natural to start wondering just how far you could drop the thing without damage. I have an incase case and it I’m betting my iPhone owuld withstand a three foot drop with only minor damage. I say this with certainty because I dropped my iPhone about three feat and it sustained minor damage. But there was a part of me, a small prt easily overwhelmed by the part of me that likes to have money, that wondered just how far I could go. Ten feet? Fifty feet? 51 frickin’ stories? Well, that is just crazy talk.

Or is it? That is exactly what supposedly happened to a member of the MacRumors forum. According to siz he (or she) decided to test an otterbox case (with an… more...

Beware the bacon iPhone case…

Posted November 17, 08 8:48 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Cases Humor 

imageYou’ve probably seen the bacon iPhone case on Gizmodo but that post is just full of love for the bacon case. Being full of love for bacon makes a lot of sense. Who doesn’t love bacon? It is simultaneously greasy, crunchy, warm and salty. You put on turkey and a really drab sandwich suddenly becomes something you’d actually over indulge in. The problem with Bacon case love?


That’s right: Dogs. That picture is of my sadly deceased bulldog. He died of old age a few years back but if he were alive today he’d be dead as soon he managed to get a hold of an iPhone in the bacon case. Why? Because like all dogs he loved bacon. The mere sight of bacon would make him go into a slobbering fit of bacon lust. And if he ever got a piece of bacon you would wonder why it wanted it so badly because the salty strip disappeared in time best measured by comparing it to the decay rates of the kind of short lived particle physicists encounter when playing with colliders. So seeing… more...

A real keyboard coming to the iPhone?

Posted November 6, 08 9:16 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Hardware Hacks Cases 

That’s a video of an obviously jailbroken iPhone being used with a nifty keyboard. Is this the shape of things to come? A third party iPhone keyboard add on? Would you buy it?



Solar power for your iPhone

Posted October 2, 08 8:34 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Accessories Cases 

imageWhat’s something people don’t like about the iPhone? The battery life. Sure it has gotten better with firmware updates and S. Jobs warned us that 3G was power hungry way back in 2006 but an iPhone with a dead battery is almost worthless. You can still look cool rocking the thing at the Starbucks but that is about it.

But what if you had a case that could charge the iPhone via the power of the sun. That’s right, a phone charger that could tap solar radioactivity and transfer this energy to your iPhone. You’d be green and good to go. Unless you live in Alaska or somewhere else where night lasts six months or something.

IF that’s what you’re looking for Brando.com.hk has you covered. For $48 you get a case with a solar panel and an internal rechargable battery. The case charges the battery, the battery charges your iPhone in under three hours. If you drain the built in battery your iPhone will still charge from the solar panel but you’ll be waiting 12 hours according to the web page.

Via: more...

Belkin Leather Hard Case review

Posted September 2, 08 8:00 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Accessories Reviews Cases 

I hate shoving my iPhone in a case. The case takes up valuable pocket room and covers up the cool looks of the iPhone. So I went case free for the fist six months of of my iPhone enabled life. What happened next was, if you’re a clumsy as me, inevitable. On a rainy, gray day the iPhone slipped from my hand, rotated through the air in seeming slow motion and smacked the ground perfectly flat on the screen side. The screen was cracked badly (though the iPhone still worked) and so it was time to a trip to the Apple Store. They replaced the phone for free (I was so embarrassed I cajoled my wife into talking to them).

One accidental drop was enough so I ponied up for a case. The first case taught me that I hated cases with belt clips because a)  I don’t wear belts and b) because people who walk around with a phone clipped to their belt should given a valium and sent back to 1996. So when the old case didn’t work with the iPhone 3G (it blocked the sensor that would turn the screen on while making a phone call… more...

Marware’s New iPhone 3G Case

Posted June 24, 08 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Cases reviews 

A lot of people are going to create cases for the upcoming iPhone 3G. I think a lot of people are going to also be buying more cases for their iPhone 3Gs. Why? Well, the iPhone 3G is going to sport a glossy back that just screams “scratch me!”

I never have been a big fan of cases, but with the upcoming iPhone 3G, I will definitely consider it. One cases I will consider is a style I love in cases. The “folio” style case design has always been an interest to me.

Marware made a similar cases for the iPhone 2G so it come as no surprise that they have created the C.E.O. Premiere for iPhone 3G.

Marware’s new C.E.O. Premiere for iPhone 3G is a leather sunglass-style holster for the iPhone 3G, using a microsuede interior and a non-detachable belt clip to hold the device at waist level.

C.E.O. Premiere is designed to provide access to the headphone port while inside, so that you can listen to music or take calls with the iPhone 3G’s headset while you’re walking.

The case sells for $35 (plus tax… more...

More WildCharge Details

Posted April 27, 08 6:35 PM by Don Palmigiano
Categories: Cases 

imageThe folks over at iPhonebuzz got their hands on the WildCharge adapters for both the iPod touch and the iPhone. The adapters, which are built into a gel case, are priced at a cost of $34.95. The case is apparently well made, with TPE instead of silicon.  The cases can be made in many different colors, some of which do not add to the aesthetics of the iPhone.

In order to use the WildCharge pad, the iPhone must be in the skin. I hate skins. I am slightly disappointed. Skins usually do more harm than good. They tend to trap dust, which in turn scratches the iPhone. I keep my phone caseless and I have very few scratches as a consequence.  I must say my interest in the technology has weakened some. Though I do not see how they could have integrated it in any other form.

What do you think? Do you like gel cases? Will you be adopting this technology?

[via iPhonebuzz]


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