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Firmware 3.1 Beta Hints at Addition to iPhone/iPod Touch Family

Posted August 7, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Apple Concept Hardware Rumor 

imageApple has been busy pushing out updates for the Beta version of its upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware, but a recent addition to a configuration file has revealed that the iPhone family may be expanding.

Speculations and rumors have been running rampant about Apple releasing a portable tablet version of the Mac which might run the iPhone OS. However, the reference to “iProd 0,1” was first spotted in March indicated that Apple already had this device in testing earlier this year but it is unknown whether or not the same mentions of “iProd 0,1” in both Firmware builds are the same. It is likely that Apple upgraded the device to “iProd 1,1” (which is also mention in the newest Firmware build) and that the second “iProd 0,1” is simply another prototype from the same family. There is no word on when these products will be released or whether they will come to fruition but it’s highly probable that is the tablet we’ve been waiting years for. A rumored September release has been passed around which would coincide with Apple’s usual refresh of the iPod line. What is just as… more...

Apple To Revive The Album, Could Use New Tablet Mac And iPhone To Do So

Posted July 29, 09 1:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Concept Music 

image Apple is working closely with the major four record labels to revive the concept of the album in a secret project code named “Cocktail.”

The project aims to motivate consumers to purchase albums over singles as the rise of digital music services such as iTunes and the iPod has made it even easier for consumers to grab individual pieces of their music. “Cocktail” would bundle together album artwork, liner notes, lyrics and music videos in to one seamless package that would function just as original albums did and without the use of iTunes. Speculation has arose that Apple would introduce a small media tablet (or larger version of the iPod Touch) to accomplish this task and will supposedly go on sale some time this September. However, there is no reason Apple would not port this technology to the iPhone or iPod Touch.



Nissan Developing Advanced Car Technology Thanks To iPhone

Posted July 29, 09 5:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Concept Development 

imageNissan is working on an iPhone App that will allow users to check their car’s battery levels remotely.

The technology made its debut at the company’s research facility in Yokosuka, Japan. What’s useful about this App is that it will allow users to check their car’s battery level when it’s recharging. Other information will be made available such as how long a charge will take and how much it will cost. The system,which is still in its prototype phase will also enable smarter use of electricity such as starting the AC while connected to a charging station.

A driver returning to their car on a hot or cold day will typically blast the air conditioning or heater as soon as they start the engine and keep it going until a comfortable temperature is reached. That doesn’t pose too much of a problem on a gasoline-powered car but on an electric car it contributes to battery drain, reducing the car’s range.

However if the car is connected to a charger then it makes more sense to start-up the air conditioner or heater while still connected, making use of the electricity from the charging… more...

iPhone Concept Images Surface

Posted June 7, 09 2:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Concept Pictures 

While we’re busy sifting through fake and potentially legitimate images of Apple’s next generation iPhone, a French site has posted interesting concept images of the iPhone.

It’s always fun seeing how Apple’s user base envisions which design direction the company’s products will take and this concept shows off an impossibly thin iPhone 3G. If you hadn’t guessed already, the image isn’t something Apple is looking at any time soon.


Via: Product Reviews


This Is What The Next Generation iPhone Could Look Like

Posted May 28, 09 7:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Concept Hardware Rumor 

After Ontrade, a Chinese wholesaler leaked parts for the next generation iPhone, a forum goer on Macrumors has rendered what the new device could look like.

It’s interesting to see the speakerphone moved up to the top and could hint at a possible addition between it and the screen such as a web cam.


Via: Macrumors


Analyst Predicts What We’ve All Been Thinking: More Expensive iPhone Won’t Apple

Posted March 31, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

image Rumors have been swirling around what the next generation iPhone will include and often times personal wants get mixed in as well but a Canadian analyst is pointing out the obvious. A higher end iPhone will all the dream features we want won’t help Apple’s sales.

The iPhone 3G took off drastically thanks to its inclusion of 3G, wider availability and of course a massive price cut over the last generation. Lowering the price would help Apple sell more iPhones but introducing an “iPhone Pro” would add little to Apple’s revenue according to Mike Abramsky, a Royal Bank of Canada analyst. While he does think some kind of fuller featured iPhone will arrive eventually, he speculates it won’t receive the same kind of sales growth the iPhone 3G did. Despite the rumors though, Analysts are very positive about the iPhone’s sales outlook as Gene Muster predicts 4.4 million handsets will be sold in Q2 2009.

Via: Arstechnica


iPhone Patent Shows Off Jailbroken iPhone

Posted March 30, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Concept Hardware Hacks 

In an ironic twist, Apple’s recently available iPhone patent for alternate authentication methods shows off a Jailbroken iPhone.

Apple has publicly shown its disapproval for Jailbreaking but a patent recently made available detailing authentication methods such as biometric scanning reveals a Jailbroken iPhone in one of the patents diagrams. The diagram shows off a customized home screen complete with a wallpaper (not allowable by Apple) and the older versions of Installer App and Summer Board which are only available exclusively to hacked iPhones.

Pictures after the break.


Via: iPhone Alley


4 G Motorola concept phone revealed

Posted February 24, 09 10:58 AM by Chris Seibold

You know what would make the iPhone even better? If it were perfectly round. Actually, that’s not even remotely true, browsing the net and so forth is much better on a squarish device since the net is designed for computer screens. But just because the general take is that squarish shape is the most logical option for a cell phone screen doesn’t mean everyone thinks that is the current design of phones is the ultimate in phone design.

Take this perfectly round, touch screen capable phone concept phone from Motorola.

Gah! Okay, so Motorola is calling this a digital butler and stressing the social networking bits of the device. But it has a built in accelerometer, 4 G connectivity, a built in projector and (I’ll guess) an App Store so the company can call it a digital butler but most everyone else will just call it ugly.


iPhone 4G Concept Looks Good

Posted February 3, 09 2:12 PM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Apple Concept 

Gizmodo posted a concept of the next iPhone, and I must say, it looks heavenly.

According to Macrumors, the next version of the iPhone could come by June, however, I don’t think it will look quite like this, but it is nice to dream.

Specs for this phone include:

-Titanium and Glass
- OLED screen
- 3G
- Front camera for iChat
- Removable battery
- 3.2 Megapixel camera
- Video
- 32 GB


The Future of Mobile according to Google

Posted September 22, 08 7:22 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Concept Google 

imageAndy Rubin, Engineering director at Google has a great post up about the future of wireless. He notifies us that our cell phones are more powerful than the computers we used ten years ago. In 1998 I was using a Timex Sinclair and an abacus so he’s probably right. Mr. Rubin also spouts of plenty of other interesting stats and a few predictions on where cell phones are headed. The long and short of it is that cell phones already are everywhere but in the future the be everywherer, um, absolutely everywhere. Definitely worth the read. The question for the iPhone is will iPhones be everywhere in ten years or just a hip accessory?
Read it here!


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