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Rhapsody Music App Approved

Posted September 11, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: App Store Music 

We reported that Rhapsody submitted its music streaming App to Apple and was set to compete with Spotify’s own music subscription App. Due to Apple’s reputation of denying Apps for petty reasons and somewhat false claims, some speculated that Rhapsody’s offering would face some opposition from Cupertino but the App has been approved without any trouble.

While the App is free, you will have to pay a monthly fee to download content from Rhapsody’s library of over 8 million songs. However, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial to try out the service. Rhapsody’s VP of business management, Neil Smith had this to say:

“This breaks us out of the non-Apple MP3 player segment and now we can reach the iPod Touch and iPhone audience that was unavailable to us before,”

You can download the App via the App Store.

Via: iPhone Alley.


Rhapsody Music Subscription Service Coming to the iPhone

Posted August 26, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: App Store Music 

imageiPhoneMatters previously wrote about Spotify, the European based music streaming service making its way to the iPhone and is pending authorization in to the App Store but it may soon face competition from Rhapsody’s own music streaming and subscription service.

Rhapsody, known for its music streaming and subscription offerings has reportedly submitted its own iPhone App to Apple and is awaiting its release in to the App Store. The Rhapsody App will allow users access to over 6 million songs that can be streamed over EDGE/3G and WiFi. While the App may be free, users will need to pay $14.99 a month to stream content. However, Rhapsody VP, Neil Smith is confident the App will be approved and issued this statement:

“The app store is likely to be bigger than the music store some day, and not approving things for the app store is giving people a reason to say, ‘I’m not going to buy an iPhone,’”

JKontherun also gave its own opinion on why the App will be approved.

For Apple not to approve the Rhapsody music streaming App would bring further scrutiny to the App Store’s… more...

Capo 1.1 Helps People Learn Music by Ear

Posted August 14, 09 9:46 AM by Meiera Stern
Categories: Music 

Waterloo, Ontario - SuperMegaUltraGroovy today announced the immediate availability of Capo 1.1, and a supporting video podcast series to educate users about learning music by ear. Capo 1.1 is a free update that allows users to save their slowed and pitch-corrected audio for use on iPhones or iPods while away from their Mac. “Many users requested that I allow them to save Capo’s slowed versions on their iPod,” says Chris Liscio, the company’s founder. “They are not necessarily near a computer when practicing drums, or piano.”

Users can choose to export entire songs, or just a loop region that can be set to repeat on iPod devices. “Creating an iTunes playlist with various slowed versions of a song, along with difficult looped passages, can yield hours of practice material to help you master your favorite tracks while you’re away from your Mac,” Liscio says.

In addition to slowing, and pitch-adjusting music, Capo 1.1 adds audio effects to help make learning easier. Users can adjust the balance of a song to focus on a single channel, adjust a 10-band graphic equalizer to better isolate or highlight an instrument, and reduce vocals in… more...

Apple To Revive The Album, Could Use New Tablet Mac And iPhone To Do So

Posted July 29, 09 1:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Concept Music 

image Apple is working closely with the major four record labels to revive the concept of the album in a secret project code named “Cocktail.”

The project aims to motivate consumers to purchase albums over singles as the rise of digital music services such as iTunes and the iPod has made it even easier for consumers to grab individual pieces of their music. “Cocktail” would bundle together album artwork, liner notes, lyrics and music videos in to one seamless package that would function just as original albums did and without the use of iTunes. Speculation has arose that Apple would introduce a small media tablet (or larger version of the iPod Touch) to accomplish this task and will supposedly go on sale some time this September. However, there is no reason Apple would not port this technology to the iPhone or iPod Touch.



Going To Lollapalooza This Year? Grab Their iPhone App

Posted July 29, 09 10:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Music 

imageLollapalooza, an annual music festival held in the heart of Chicago and maintained by Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrel, is making the three day concert a little more interactive.

They’ve released an iPhone App (App Store link) that allows you to check which bands are playing what days and create you’re own custom roster. The App basically allows you to chart out your music experience and since everything is stored locally, you’ll still be in the know if AT&T’s service becomes spotty.

Via: iPhone Alley


Spotify Streaming Service Set To Revolutionize iPhone Music Streaming….If Apple Approves It

Posted July 29, 09 7:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: App Store Music 

imageThe European based Spotify is set to bring its music streaming service to the iPhone and iPod Touch but could face some opposition from Apple.

Spotify, which has over 6 million songs available for streaming to users of its desktop client, is looking to port the App to the iPhone and iPod Touch. However, Apple has yet to approve the streaming client. The reasoning would be Spotify’s duplicate functionality of the iPod and iTunes App but even if Apple approves its App Store entrance, legal troubles could plague the company. Popular music streaming services such as Last.fm and Pandora have all had their fare share of licensing issues in the US as the major labels demanded a cut of the profits. But if Spotify is able to survive the legal gauntlet thrown at it, the issue of pricing comes in to play. Users may either have to pay a monthly fee or put with the occasional ad.

Via Macworld


Dave Matthews Band Version Of Tap Tap Revenge Released

Posted May 21, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: App Store Applications Music 

Following suit with Tap Tap versions for Nine Inch Nails and Weezer, Tapulous has released Dave Matthews Band Revenge.

The App, (iTunes Link) is available for $4.99 and includes songs from Dave Matthews’ catalog as well as two singles from their upcoming album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. Other features are unlockable tracks and boss battles plus band inspired graphics.

Via: iLounge


SlingPlayer Makes Its Way To The iPhone

Posted March 27, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageSling has announced its SlingPlayer for the iPhone has entered a 1.0 release and has been submitted to the App Store for approval.

The mobile player for the iPhone has been long rumored since the device’s launch but now, we only have to wait until Apple approves the App. The system allows you to stream you content to any device in the world from the company’s Sling Box media player. The iPhone App would accomplish the same thing allowing you to listen to music and watch videos stored on your Sling Box and in addition, let you control your DVR to record and schedule shows when you’re away from home.



Nokia launching a comes with music phone

Posted September 3, 08 2:11 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: iPhone Killer Music Nokia 

The iPhone isn’t just a hit stateside, it is also a hit in England. And wouldn’t you know it, just in time for Christmas sales, there’s a new iPhone killer in the water. Apparently Nokia doesn’t believe the iPhone is all about browsing, calling and ease of use. No sir! Nokia believes the iPhone is all about music. Which explains why the company is launching not just one but an entire series of phones that “come with music.”

The idea here is a prepay phone with access to 2.1 million tracks (iTunes~8 million). Owners will be able to download the tracks for a year and keep them forever. It sounds sweet but to keep downloading music after a year you’ll have to buy a new phone. Good thing bands don’t release albums every so often. Wait, they do? Well, you’ll always have an excuse to get a new phone.

Unsurprisingly, Nokia doesn’t have a partner to actually sell the “comes with music” phone yet but the company is desperately hoping to find one before the launch next month. The phones will cost between $200-$600.
source:The Telegraph


Enhanced albums coming to your iPhone?

Posted September 3, 08 9:05 AM by Chris Seibold

You’ve heard about Apple’s September 9th event called Let’s Rock. The event has most people convinced we’ll see new nano or an extended version of the Bobby versus Satan Kids in the Hall skit. But it can’t just be a new nano, that would be far too boring. Plus Steve saves nano announcements for times he finds himself on stage with Motorola CEOs.

So there has to be something more to event than Steve whipping out an even smaller nano. Though if he does it like he did the first time it will be pretty cool:

what else could be going on? If you’re a podcast maker or listener you know that you can create enhanced podcasts. You also know that record companies are looking for ways to add value to your music buying experience. Well, that last part isn’t true. Mostly record companies seem to want to complain that they need more money but bands are being smarter and at least one is releasing an enhanced version of their album to increase your enjoyment.

The band is Snow Patrol and their… more...

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