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Reader Question Of The Week: What Do You Think Of AT&T’s Slow MMS/Tethering Rollout?

Posted September 14, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Cult of iPhone Opinions 

When the keynote was given for Firmware 3.0, a crowd of developers applauded the dozens of features that would not only make development easier but also open up more APIs to create even more robust Apps. Consumers were lavished with just as many non development features, the biggest being the highly anticipated MMS functionality and Internet tethering. A list of carriers appeared on screen but absent from them was the biggest one of all: AT&T. some were shocked and others, not so much. The carrier has had difficulty keeping up with the data demands of iPhone users already but for something as rudimentary as multi media messaging, the texting equivalent of sending an email, there was no excuse. AT&T has dragged its feet on bringing MMS functionality to iPhone users but the big question still remains: when will tethering be officially available? We’d like to hear your take on this issue, are you considering dropping AT&T for another carrier that actually offers features most smartphone users enjoy or are you going to wait out the storm and be that much happier when MMS and tethering are enabled on your iPhone? Sound off in the comments.


Apple’s Intention to Prevent Employees Being Poached by Palm Revealed

Posted August 21, 09 8:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageBloomberg News has recently revealed that Steve Jobs reportedly contacted then CEO Ed Colligan to agree not to hire away each other’s ex-employees.

The conversation took place sometime after former Apple executive Jon Rubinstein was hired away by Palm to help develop the Palm Pre and accompanying WebOS. Ironically, Apple had just hired away 2% of Palm’s workforce to help develop what would then be the iPhone, a short time before Rubinstein left Apple. Then CEO Ed Colligan had a simple response to Jobs’ offer and could likely land the Apple CEO in legal scrutiny once again:

“Your proposal that we agree that neither company will hire the other’s employees, regardless of the individual’s desires, is not only wrong, it is likely illegal.”

It’s not uncommon for top level executives and employees to sign a non-compete clause given to them by the company they work for so sensitive company secrets won’t be divulged and their road map jeopardized. However, Apple took this concept a step further and would’ve likely stifled design creativity by consolidating where former employees can work once they leave Apple. Jobs nonetheless was infuriated with Palm’s response which could… more...

Supplies Of iPhone 3GS running Short In Canada

Posted July 31, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Cult of iPhone 

When a new iPhone launches, long lines and a huge demand are expected for Apple’s newest device. The situation is no different in Canada.

Fido and Rogers, Canada’s main carriers selling the iPhone have virtually sold out of their stock and are requesting more iPhones from Apple. Orders are expected to be filled in weeks but new orders are being treated on a priority basis.

Via: iPhone World


Verizon Would Like To Tell You Something Good About The iPhone

Posted July 29, 09 2:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Cult of iPhone Verizon Humor 

image Verizon and Apple have always had an odd relationship when it comes to cellular devices with the former trying to one-up the later by downplaying the iPhone’s success and introducing new touchscreen based competitors. However, Verizon has something positive to say about the iPhone this time around.

The carrier posted a multi hundred million dollar loss for its latest quarter and also had a smaller number of new subscribers when compared to AT&T. That hasn’t stopped Verizon from giving credit where it’s due with the iPhone.

“When you think about what Apple has done in bringing the iPhone into the marketplace, it truly has accelerated innovation. And as we talk to all of our manufacturers, everybody has come out with their own iconic device, and I think that this has been very good overall for our customers.”

Via: The iPhone Blog


Foxconn Employe Commits Suicide Over Lost iPhone Prototype

Posted July 24, 09 6:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageIn a terribly tragic turn of events, a Foxconn employee has committed suicide after losing a prototype of Apple’s 4th generation iPhone.

A 25-year old employee, Sun Danyong, was tasked with shipping prototypes of Apple’s iPhone from Foxconn’s manufacturing plant to Cupertino. However, one went missing and when officials found out, they used brutal interrogation techniques and physical intimidation which supposedly drove the young worker to jump out his 12th story apartment window. Foxconn has since suspended the officials involved without pay and expressed remorse for what has happened but the case is now being treated as murder

On Thursday, July 9th, Sun got 16 prototype phones from the assembly line at a local Foxconn factory. At some point in the next few days, he discovered that one of the phones was missing. He suspected that it had been left at the factory, but couldn’t find it. On Monday, July 13, he reported the missing phone to his boss. Then, that Wednesday, three Foxconn employees searched his apartment—illegally, according to Chinese law. Accusations are flying that Sun was detained and physically abused during the investigation, although this has not been… more...

Shortages Of iPhone 3GS’ Expected

Posted July 1, 09 6:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Apple Cult of iPhone Problems 

image Since going on sale, analysts have expected a healthy shipment of iPhone 3GS’ but it seems supply problems may soon plague Apple.

A short while after the iPhone 3GS went on sale, Apple brought back its availability tracker which showed how many units a store had in each color and capacity. According to Macrumors, iPhone 3GS availability is dwindling even further than expected with Apple stores in Alabama, Oregon and Utah being completely sold out of all models. It is unknown when new shipments will arrive but if you’re thinking of purchasing an iPhone 3GS, you better hurry!

Via: iPhones Talk


Woz Cuts Lines, Everyone’s Cool With That

Posted June 19, 09 1:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Cult of iPhone News 

Geek legend and all around Apple enthusiast was one of the first people to purchase an iPhone 3GS at the Valley Fair Apple Store.

An eye witness reports:

I just got my iPhone this morning at the Apple Store in Valley Fair (San Jose, CA) and Steve Wozniak was there.

I arrived at 3:50am and Mr. Woz was chopping it up with the manager at Apple. Then around 4:30am he politely asked everyone in line if he could be the 1st to get his iPhone at the store and everyone said yes.

Any famous (or semi-famous) celebrities cut you in line for the iPhone 3GS?

Via: Gizmodo


Obvious: Steve Jobs Very Much Involved In iPhone Firmware 3.0’s Design

Posted April 13, 09 5:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi

imageWhile Steve Jobs has been away from Apple on medical leave, he’s still been a major part of the iPhone’s interface design.

While talking to the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs noted he made several key decisions concerning the interface of the iPhone 3.0 Firmware. Steve has also maintained a sharp presence over the development of current Apple products and while he will return to Apple this June, it is unclear whether or not he will take the stage once again during the World Wide Developers Conference.

Via: The iPhone Blog


50% Of Mobile Traffic In The Us Comes From The iPhone

Posted March 30, 09 6:30 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Analysis Cult of iPhone 

imageOne of the much touted features of the iPhone is its web browsing capabilities and streamlined interface which has made it a hit. Thanks to this, wireless subscribers are browsing more than ever and the iPhone is proof of that.

Admob’s latest report on mobile web traffic shows that the iPhone has taken a dominant position amongst other smartphones. Apple’s device has beat out the likes of Nokia, Microsoft and Symbian to claim 50% of all US mobile traffic.

Via: Bulksia


14 I love my iPhone photos

Posted March 11, 09 8:48 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Cult of iPhone 

imageFor some folks the iPhone is just a go anywhere internet device. For others it is a personal digital assistant. And, for some, the iPhone is the recipient of a bond that is rarely seen between a lozenge of technology and a human being. Those kind of folks can be found in a fantastic post named 14 “iLove my iPhone” Photos at Mr.Gadget.com.au. The photos are clever even if the title of the post isn’t. If you can find a collection of I love my Samsung Katana photos drop us a line.


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