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Duke Nukem 3D Arrives For The iPhone Ahead Of Supposed Vaporware Duke Nukem Forever

Posted August 14, 09 12:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: App Store Gaming 

The popular and gory 3D first person shooter, Duke Nukem, has made its way to the iPhone and iPod Touch albeit with some touch screen control issues.

The game was first released for the PC in 1996 and has since been a hallmark of the computer gaming world for its impressive use of visuals and implementation of gore. 3D Realms has created an iPhone port of the game which stays faithful to the original implementation including risque content but is plagued with touch screen control issues. It’s expected that porting a game that relies on a keyboard and mouse for controls to a full touch screen environment would be somewhat difficult but the game’s co-author, George Broussard, has said an update will arrive soon that fixes these issues.

However, the iPhone port of Duke Nukem developed by 3D realms, arrives ahead of the company’s highly anticipated sequel Duke Nukem Forever.

The App is available on the App Store (iTunes Link) for $2.99.

Via: Macrumors


Nintendo Considers Apple Serious Competition When It Comes To Handheld Gaming

Posted July 30, 09 4:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Gaming 

imageIn a conference call Nintendo told investors that it was expecting its first major losses thanks to slowing Wii and DS sales but also considered the iPhone a competitor to the DS.

Nintendo has said it expects slower DS sales due to “increased competition in the handheld business from Apple’s iPhone.”

It’s not unexpected that Nintendo would feel threatened in some way considering the iPhone uses a touch input system and does much more than gaming. In addition, John Carmack, co-founder of ID Software, has been known to praise the iPhone for its superior processing power when compared to the DS and PSP.

Via Engadget


Portal Making Its Way To The iPhone

Posted July 27, 09 6:00 AM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Gaming Software 

Details are scarce right now but it appears a few independent developers have created a Portal clone for the iPhone. While a video of some scarce gameplay has been uploaded to YouTube, there is no release date on the fan created clone.

Video after the jump.

Via: iPhone World


Wolfenstein 3D Coming To The iPhone, Source Code Available

Posted March 30, 09 3:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Development Gaming SDK 

imageWolfenstein 3D gave birth to a whole generation of games that have drastically shaped the gaming culture and now you can relive the fun on your iPhone.

Id Software has announced that Wolfenstein 3D is available on the App Store for $5(iTunes Link). The original game has been preserved but the controls have been completely redone to take advantage of the iPhone’s touchscreen. What’s even more enticing is the source code for the iPhone version of Wolfenstein 3D being made available to motivate developers to code for the iPhone. The source code can be downloaded from Id’s FTP server.

Via Macworld


Konami Unveils Teaser For iPhone Version Of Metal Gear Solid, Promises Early Release

Posted March 13, 09 3:00 PM by Tanner Godarzi
Categories: Gaming News 

imageKonami has recently been working on an iPhone version of Metal Gear Solid which is sure to delight hardcore fans of the game or even those looking for some casual gaming on the go.

While the full version has yet to be released, Konami showed off a gallery of screenshots to satisfy our appetite and promised an early preview of the game containing the first 12 levels. The full game will be released shortly thereafter but will be a free update to users who already purchased the App.

Via: The iPhone Blog


Five Fingers and the Wonderful Game Bundle

Posted March 10, 09 10:00 AM by Jovan Washington
Categories: Applications Gaming Reviews 

Software bundles are normally things that appear for computers, and I was just waiting for the day when a bundle was finally released.

The 5 Fingers Bundle does just that -  it combines five games into one application for one price. How nice is that?

I can assure you, this isn’t the first time a bundle has been released, but it is the first time a bundle has been released that is include wonderful integration.

The user interface for switching between the different games is amazing.

So what games are included in this bundle?

1. Blackbeard’s Assault
2. Chopper
3. Sneezies
4. Up There
5. BurnBall

Take a look at this bundle. If you like the games above, then you won’t be disappointed in this bundle.


Multicore Coming to the iPhone?

Posted February 5, 09 10:26 AM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Gaming Rumor 

Will Park at Intomobile is speculating that the next revision of the iPhone will see multicore processors. Multicore technology is featured in all current Macs so the move might seem logical. With multicore setups you can double the performance while keeping the clock speed constant if the computing process is parallel. Multicore also offers a way for chip producers to keep upping the performance of systems when they’d be bumping up against physical limitations with single chips. Lastly, when you’re marketing a multicore device you can scream multicore! loudly to incentivize buyers.

Do any of those reasons really work for the iPhone? Multicore chips excel in ripping movies, converting formats and other processor intensive tasks. Since copy and paste isn’t on the iPhone you can scratch that copy and paste task off the list.  Since the iPhone isn’t required to perform a lot of processor intensive stuff the mulicore theory seems a bit weak. But consider multicore chips are also very good running multiple programs and background tasks have been rumored to be coming to the next iPhone.

So will there be… more...

Next iPhone to ramp up gaming?

Posted January 30, 09 3:47 AM by Chris Howard
Categories: Gaming Rumor 

Yes, the iPhone is already a way hot gaming platform, but Wired are rumoring it will get even hotter with the next iPhone.

“the gaming market is an increasingly juicy segment of the mobile multimedia space — and it’s one that Apple’s phenomenally successful iPhone is well-positioned to dominate.”

Of course, that’s not going to truly come to fruition unless the App Store gets some full-on serious games from big game developers. And guess what? That might be happening too, as another rumor gaining weight is Apple is looking at a Premium Games section its App Store for games costing $19.99.

PocketGamer says “the initiative will only be open to a restricted number of large publishers”.

Each of these rumors needs the other for the iPhone/touch to take the step up to a legitimate gaming console. As Wired says “the iPhone App Store has already got the DS and PSP beat in terms of game titles available: When the App Store was just three months old, it had 1,500 games; the PSP and DS had about 600 and 300 titles, respectively.” Howerver, if you took out all the crap (from all… more...

20 Most Addictive iPhone Games

Posted January 19, 09 12:27 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Applications Gaming 

imageFor some the iPhone is a phone used primarily to make calls and such. For others it is an e-mail device, you’re always in contact. For still others it is a productivity thing. People can get more done with an iPhone than without it. Yet another group is swayed by the utility, with so many apps the iPhone is the swiss army knife of phones without the toothpick thingy that always gets lost. We can’t forget those folks who just love the internet, the internet everywhere has a lot of allure. And you’ve got the gamers. Yep, the iPhone can be a lot of fun and it is a viable gaming platform. Well, that should cover… Wait, there is one more kind of iPhone user. Those obsessed with twitter. You can follow me on twitter at Applehacks or you can follow someone with a Twitter problem at HadleyStern.

All those are great reasons to use the iPhone, and reasons you can stick with. With the exception of games. Games on the iPhone follow a particular progression. You’ll start out with a free checkers app or something and then move up… more...

Best Games of 2008 According to AppStoreApps

Posted December 15, 08 12:05 PM by Chris Seibold
Categories: Applications Gaming Lists 

imageThe year is winding down (and it has been a huge year for all things iPhone) which means you’re going to be seeing a ton of lists. When it comes to apps for the iPhone that is great news because with over 10,000 apps it is hard to know which one to investigate to see if it is worthy of installing.

For wanna be casual gamers, or people about to embark on a long trip with a kid, AppStoreApps has a nice list of the best games for 2008. They break it down into categories (Board games etc.) and list the best app in each category. Check out the list and let us know what games get you going.  Oh, Oregon Trail will you ever come to the App Store?


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